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Trade-in your old furnace or boiler get up to $1500 in free stimulus money.

Water softener salt deliverywith Free operation check.

Best also offers a complete line of plumbing services:


Sewer cleaning

Remodeling services

Heating: Stay comfortable and save

Best Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has seen and done it all including ac, furnace and boiler design, maintenance, repair, replacement and new installs for your home and business. Complete furnace and boiler service includes:

Certified Furnace Repair: We'll search for ways to improve your equipment's efficiency and you'll receive a one year ac and heating repair workmanship guarantee. Our yellow super trucks are stocked for quick service. Call Best Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We have some of the best troubleshooters in the area. You won’t go wrong. Guaranteed.

7 BIG reasons why Furnace tune-up & safety check are important.

New Energy Efficient Furnace & Boiler

  • New furnace or boiler - Up to 30% of your utility bill may be going up your chimney! Trade-in get up to $1100 in rebates
  • Humidifier repair, maintainence and start-up. Call the most experienced for guaranteed results.
  • New whole home humidifier can help reduce sickness, help you breathe easier, feel more comfortable and lower utility bills.
  • Heat-cool package units from 1.5 to 25 tons or more.
  • Make-up air equipment if you need more heat in certain areas.
  • Piping for steam, hot water boiler.
  • Hot and cold spots? We have solutions. Zoning, ductwork and more.

Reasons why people replace their heating system.
32% broke down, could not repair or cost too high.
18% would not last another season.
17% wanted to replace. 
14% want better efficiency.
5% breaks down often.  
5% to improve comfort

Efficient Furnace Gives You Peace-of-Mind

Trade-in your energy guzzling furnace, boiler and get up to $1100 rebate for the most comfortable, high efficiency system. Learn more...

Lower utility bills.

If your furnace is 10 to 15 years old, you could be wasting up to 30% of your utility bill goes up your chimney. Compare that to a new ultra efficient ac or furnace and you convert nearly all the fuel to cool or heat your home or business.

The energy war is taking money out of your pocket every day

High efficient furnace and air conditioning is popular and not getting any cheaper. With a new quality heating-cooling system you can help slow down global warming while adding quality benefits and pleasures of a good system. When you divide the cost over a period of time, the math comes out on your side. 

Be smart. A new system can pay for itself with energy savings!
Best can offer to build a comfort system that can do as little or as much as possible making costs over the long run lower. Stop worrying about repairs, wasted energy or poor comfort:

Call Best Heating for a convenient, free estimate. 815-207-4111.

Financing offered: Starting at $49 a month from Nicor. Call for details.

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New high efficieny boiler

Not everyone knows about boilers!

Do you trust just anyone who says they know about boilers to give you advice? Probably not.

Old boilers can waste up to 40% or more of your energy to keep you warm. With never-ending increasing cost of fuel, it's a good time to invest in a service company you can depend on for honest advice.

Best master technicians primary job is keep you safe and look for ways to improve your energy efficiency. 

The latest boilers offer an innovative combination of appearance, intelligence and technology.

Today the latest high efficiency boiler – up to 92% AFUE and 98% for low temperature applications, are attractive featuring a new design for installation on any setting.

Call Best Plumbing for a free estimate, $59 value. 815-207-4111.


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7 BIG reasons why furnace tune-up & safety check are important

Furnace tune-up works and can pay for itself

  1. Spot problems before they happen - Save an emergency call & save money
  2. Well tuned unit runs less, works better - Save big on monthly utility bills
  3. Manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep warranty in force.
  4. Rejuvenate to peak operating condition
  5. Improve heating capacity up to 25%
  6. Extends equipment life one to eight years
  7. Reduce health risks; check safety controls

Order a HVAC safety check & tune-up to lower utility bills, help avoid a breakdown - SAVE $20. Call Best Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at 815-207-4111.


Humidifier repair, maintenance and startup.

A disc assembly sends a little bit of moisture into the air. Whatever your humidifier needs are your PDM humidifier specialist can help. Best yellow super trucks carries a variety of humidifier parts for a quick fix. You'll know a price before we begin and have two year workmanship guarantee. Call a Best humidifier expert for help.

Humidifier needs annual check-up.

Keeping your home humidifier in top shape will help you stay warmer and more comfortable all winter long. Ideally your humidifier should be cleaned (and dried) at the start (or end) of the heating season.

You don't want to allow film and scale to develop on humidifier components. Although not all humidifiers are the same, here's Best's home humidifier maintenance program.

  1. Drain water. Sometimes bacteria can grow in the standing water. Replace the water when needed.
  2. Clean system. A chemical and antibacterial solution may be needed to prevent and eliminate scale and rust build up and then thoroughly rinse out the system.
  3. Do you have very hard water? You'll find that filters need to be replaced more often and that more cleaning (draining tank too) is required. If needed we’ll add or replace a demineralization cartridge or filter to help reduce scale build up.
  4. Disc assembly.  A humidifier disc assembly collects a thin layer of water and then air is passed through picking up humidity and sending a little bit of comfort into every room of your home. Your disc will be removed and cleaned. A Best tech will make sure the disc is free of obstructions.
  5. Float assembly.  The float often gets stuck when not operating during the summer. The valve must move freely to maintain proper water level. Inspect and clean if necessary.
  6. Check water level and distribution system. You may have potential problems like loose hose or piping, saddle valve, drain cap, etc. We make sure they are securely fastened. If they leaked it could cause a messy problem.
  7. Check motor and fan operation - heart of a humidifier.
  8. Humidifier water panel (filter). Humidifier filters can become completely plugged with hard water scale allowing little or no water to reach your unit. You should replace water panels when needed otherwise your comfort will suffer and you'll have added repairs. We'll inspect and advise you.
  9. Check for proper air flow and ensure all connections are tight. Open damper door to Open position to allow hot air to flow to humidifier.

Test humidistat operation, adjust to comfortable setting.

Your humidifier is now clean and ready to go.

Our fall or spring maintenance and humidifier startup makes sure your humidifier is operational for another season of comfortable living. Best has been installing, maintaining and repairing whole home humidifiers for over 50 years. We have the parts and know-how to keep you comfortable.

Call Best for humidifier maintenance, repair and installation at 815-207-4111.

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Save yourself from the damaging effects of over dry air with a new automatic humidifier.

It's pretty hard to ignore the health and energy saving benefits of a whole home humidifier.

  1. Normal heated home humidity can be 13 - 16%. To be comfortable the recommended relative humidity level should be about 35%. A humidifier automatically adds the right amount of moisture.
  2. You can also set indoor temperatures lower by two degrees or so and still feel as warm as you did. Every degree lower you set thermostat saves about three percent on utilities.
  3. Do you suffer from uncomfortable dry throat, nose, itchy eyes, coughs, winter-time asthma? A humidifier is for you
  4. Looking to relieve upper respiratory infection or congestion? Adding moisture (whole home humidifier) to dry winter time air is a common way to feel better
  5. Humidifier helps keep your mucus membranes moist - helpful for asthma sufferers
  6. Humidifier reduces static electricity which causes problems with electronic equipment and static shocking
  7. Fully automatic, highly advanced comfort control

Why put yourself through another uncomfortable year? A whole home humidifier sends a little bit of comfort into every room.

Invest in your health and well being today.

Best can help in choosing in the latest automatic whole home humidifier that can pay for itself in comfort and lower utility bills. You’ll love the results!

Call 815-207-4111.

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Want your HVAC system to run less, work better, last longer and save you money?

Order a Best precision tune-up, diagnostic and cleaning - Save $20.

Heating experts agree that a tune-up can save hundreds of dollars, especially with increasing energy costs. By keeping your furnace or boiler cleaned it will run less, work better, last longer and save you money.

Don't confuse a simple standard "Clean and Check" with a Best "Precision Tune-up, Diagnostic and Cleaning". While appointments last, order your Guaranteed Precision AC and Furnace Tune-up for only $109 (Normally $129). Need your boiler tuned? Ask for $20 off the normal precision steam or water boiler tune-up, diagnostic and cleaning.

Written Energy Squeezer Tune-up.

  • Rejuvenate furnace or boiler equipment to peak operating condition and improve fuel efficiency up to 15%
  • Perform accurate diagnosis and performance measurements for the best precision tune-up, diagnostic and cleaning
  • Peace of mind knowing your equipment is safe
  • Help avoid unexpected breakdown by testing for weak components.
  • Extends equipment life – protect your investment
  • Reduce health risks by checking safety controls


That's it, plain and simple. Just good honest reliable service backed by 100% guarantee. Try a Best tune-up and you'll probably want to invest in our ongoing maintenance program that provides added savings on repairs, new equipment and more. When you call mention this internet tune-up offer. Call 815-207-4111.

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