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You'll receive the highest quality plumbing repair and installation from award winning professionals. Best plumbers are certified troubleshooters who have the technical experience, proper tools and a mini warehouse to get you back to normal fast. Call the Best.

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Water softener - expert repair and installation

Water softener salt delivery - free operation check

That's right, no more struggling with those bags of salt for your home or business. Call for convenient salt delivery service today.

Plus receive FREE softener operation check.

No need to call. We call you to schedule delivery
Salt delivered, your tank filled
Check for leaks on tank, valves and piping
Check for proper timer operation and re-set if required
Check your bypass valve setting and operation
Check electrical connections
Check for salt bridge
Check to see if salt is needed in your brine tank
Test water hardness
Softener repair and installation service available
Some salts contain a variety of impurities and dirt. That can lead to repair bills. PDM uses ultra pure water softener salt in a 40 lb bag.

Call 815-207-4111 for convenient water softener salt delivery...

Why invest in a water softener?

You'll notice the difference

Because hard water reacts with soap, it can affect your skin, hair, clothes as well as house cleaning. Hard water minerals leaves spots on your glasses, dishes and a sticky residue in your bath and shower.

Soft water benefits

  • Your skin and hair is noticeably softer
  • Soap lathers and rinses easier
  • Clothes look brighter, last longer
  • Stain Eliminator and Scrubbing Helper - no more unsightly rings, stains or mineral build-up to darken your sinks and tubs or your day.
  • No mineral build up in water heater or boiler, improves efficiency up to 30% and equipment lasts longer
  • Washing machine, dishwasher, coffee maker operation improved and last longer
  • Best will take care of all your plumbing, heat and ac needs, not just the water filter like some companies. You won't go wrong, guaranteed.

Call 815-207-4111 for honest water softener advice and service.

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How's the quality of your drinking water?

Who can you trust? City, bottled water, or your own filter?

Even if your water is crystal clear, your water may smell or have a problem from pollutants like lead and bacteria that can adversely affect the quality of your water.

Do you buy bottled water? If you do you must trust the quality and like the taste of bottled water over your tap.

You have to admit, bottled water is inconvenient when it comes to buying, storing and moving it from one place to another. Include the added cost and environmental concerns of unfriendly plastic being dumped into landfills and you begin scratching your head wondering if you should invest in a quality water filter for your home.

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filter is used for ultra-refined water.

Reverse osmosis can make your tainted water disappear fast.   Best offers a quality commercial grade reverse osmosis water filter - the most convenient and thorough filtering method.

Call 815-207-4111 for honest solutions.

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Smelly water?

Feel frustrated and embarrassed from your water?

Does your water smell like dirty socks, rotten eggs or even too much chlorine, every time you turn on the faucet? Bad water can damage your fixtures, discolor your laundry, or create an unpleasant odor when bathing or drinking. Best can change your water quality fast. Give Best a call for a free consultation.

Rusty water problem?

Do you have rust stains in your sinks, tub, toilet, even clothes?

This is not a health problem, but your water's taste, odor or appearance is not good.  Your water probably has a high concentration of iron. Best offers iron filters to help remove rust from your water.

Whatever your water problem may be Best can offer you an honest solution.

Call 815-207-4111 for any water filtering questions.

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