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Sewer cleaning

Water heater same day

Bathroom remodeling

Pump repair and replacement

Water belongs in your sink. Not your basement.

Best has repaired and installed pumps for homes and businesses. A highly trained Best plumber can offer you pump ideas to help with your drainage problem. Our super trucks are stocked for fast repairs and you'll get "100% satisfaction guaranteed". Click a blue link for more information.

  1. New sump pump helps avoid water damage.
  2. New sewage ejector pump moves wastewater quickly.
  3. Battery back-up sump pump, your best insurance against power outage.
  4. Basement flooding? Learn why.
  5. EZ boost pump is your answer to low water pressure.
  6. Commercial and industrial pumps. Expert help for most pumps.
  7. Water re-circulating pump, stop waiting for hot water

Sump pump helps avoid water damage.

A sump pump can stop periodic water problems and mold.

Best can offer you dependable commercial grade sump pumps for your home or business. We specialize in sump pump repair, replacement and new installation. We've seen and done it all over the last 120 years.

If your sump pump takes care of basement water most of the time but floods during heavy rains, you may either need a back-up pump or have a problem with drain-tiles. Click to learn about excess water and drain-tiles.

Sump pump replacement

  • Powerful sump pumps can fit existing installations without piping changes.
  • Your sump pump is water and dust tight for long life and 100% factory tested underwater.
  • Solid warranty for submersible and vertical sump pump
  • You'll also have the confidence of knowing it was installed properly by an experienced professional. Call 815-207-4111.


New sump pump installation

If you're tired of mopping up after a rain storm, let the oldest plumber help.

Water generally seeps into the basement because water pressure was building up around your foundation. Water naturally seeks the path of least resistance and enters through cracks in your walls or floors. If it stays wet you may see unhealthy black mold growing.

We collect water seeping in the walls or under the basement floor through a series of pipes that empty into a sump pit. The sump pit is placed at the lowest point in the basement. A sump pump then expels the water and keeps your basement dry.

Installing a new pit and pump will take us most of a day, but you'll love the results.
Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.

If you're having excessive water during heavy rains you may need a back-up pump or have a problem with drain-tiles. Learn more about drain tiles click here.

To install a sump or ejector pit:

  • Break out a 4' x 4' area of your floor with a jackhammer.
  • Dig down about 30 inches, install a plastic pit liner.
  • Surround with coarse gravel to help move water out.
  • Connect drain line to existing indoor line up to 20'.
  • Upper half of the pit liner is perforated to allow water to seep in and collect at the bottom.
  • A float-activated submersible pump at the bottom of the sump pit automatically pumps out the water when it reaches a preset level.
  • To finish the job, we pour a new concrete floor around the sump pit to match the original floor. A clean, neat, professional job.
  • For backup protection, we recommend a battery operated backup pump. It will switch automatically to battery current when power fails or your main pump fails or requires more pumping power.

You'll receive courteous, trained technicians, quality products, pricing before work begins, "100% satisfaction guarantee" and a proven track record. You won't go wrong, guaranteed.

Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.


Sewage ejector pump helps move wastewater

Occasionally, a toilet or even a sink needs to be installed below the nearest sewer or septic line, and the waste from the drain must be lifted to the level of the main drain. A sewage ejector pump solves this problem and is used when wastewater cannot flow to its destination by means of gravity at a velocity of at least 2 feet per second.

Best is an expert in sewage ejector repair, replacement and installation.

Sewage ejector repair and replacement.

  • Quality built sewage ejectors, maintenance free 10 year warranty, built to last 20 to 40 years.
  • Powerful 100 GPM flow rate.
  • Non-clogging pumps for unscreened sewage, waste water, sewage lift stations and industrial waste.
  • Best Sewage Ejector pumps can fit existing installations without piping changes.
  • 'Quik Jon' from the Zoeller Pump Company is a self-contained system that has everything but the toilet and the final plumbing drain and water hookups.Quiet, leak-proof and odorless.
  • You'll also have the confidence of knowing it was installed properly by an experienced professional. Whatever you need Best can help.

New sewage ejector installation.

Class. There are two classes of submersibles sewage ejector pump, the smaller pump is used in home and light commercial, and larger pumps for large commercial buildings and municipal wastewater systems.

Size. The farther the distance the waste must be lifted, the more powerful the pump must be to do the job. A whole-house system must be larger and more powerful than one that services only one toilet. Residential sewage ejectors normally handle up to 2-inch spherical solids and range from 1/3 to 2 horsepower and are available in two types, non-clogs and grinders.

Non-clog and grinder tye pumps.

Non-clogs pump high volumes and can handle solids from 2 inches thru 4 inches and are used both in residential and municipal lift stations.

Grinder pumps grind solids instead of passing them. They are sized only for residential or small commercial locations, often pumping to a pressure sewer system but also in gravity sewers with high vertical lifts or long horizontal runs.

Ejector pumps can be installed in wet pits or sewage basins and typically sits in a hole cut through the concrete slab floor. By installing the ejector beneath the floor, the fixture need only be raised minimally to accommodate the flange and waste pipe.

Installation. Some cutting of concrete will be involved in basement installation as well as digging down a few feet will add to the cost as well as the difficulty of installation.

Call an experienced plumber for proper sizing and installation of a sewage ejector pump system. Call Best at 815-207-4111.


Battery backup pump is your best insurance.

Stay dry in the worst of situations.

At some point your sump pump will fail as a result of a power outage, pump failure, float switch failure or the inability to keep up with incoming water capacity.

A backup pump is an inexpensive insurance policy eliminating the headaches and cost associated with a flooded basement.

  • Your AC DC battery backup pump will switch automatically to battery when power fails or your main pump breaks. It also can pump along with your main pump when there is more water than your main pump can handle. Pumps 1000 to 2200 gallons per hour.
  • Has a maintenance alarm to notify you service is needed.
  • The best insurance for your basment and belongings..

Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.


Basement flooding help

If your basement is wet, most likely water pressure was building up around your foundation. Water naturally seeks the path of least resistance and enters through cracks in your walls or floors. The result…a wet basement. If it stays wet you may see unhealthy black mold growing. Sump pumps usually are a solution. 

"I have a sump pump that works except during heavy rains. Plumbers have recommended a new sump pump or a larger sump pump, but the symptom remains: too much water. What else can cause my basement flooding?" 

Over the years we've seen a lot of flooding problems. Sometimes a back-up sump pump is needed to handle the added volume of water. But excessive flooding can also be caused by two other problems: drain-tiles and water run-off.

Drain-tile, weeping tile or footing drains are pipes placed around your home's foundation, maybe 12" to 18" below your basement floor depth. Drain-tile collects groundwater during rainfall or when your garden beds are irrigated. On older homes, groundwater trickles to the drain-tile entering a clay tile at the joint. Newer homes use plastic perforated PVC drainage tubing or pipe.

Blocked drain-tiles. From time to time, especially after many years of use, drain-tile can crack or become plugged with debris. Downspouts connected directly to the drain-tile will sometimes carry sediment and rotting leaves which have landed on the roof. Soils can also build up in the drain-tile. The consequence of non functioning drain-tiles might be water seeping through the porous concrete foundation or leaving a damp mark on the basement floor or foundation wall or more serious flooding. The vast majority of blocked drain-tile repairs calls for the excavation and replacement of the clogged section.

Water run-off: grading problem. Do you notice your landscape or property grade allows water to flow towards your home rather than away? Heavy rains could be overwhelming your drain-tiles and sump pump capacity which means basement flooding. Your solution can involve building up soil around your home or grading your land to force rain water away from your home. The less water around your home the better.

Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.


Tired of Waiting for Hot Water?

Enjoy instant hot water in your bathroom and save thousands of gallons of water each year.

And the best part is, we can easily add a water heater re-circulating pump!


Use less energy than it takes to run a 25-watt light bulb. With a PDM Comfort Series Instant Hot Water System you’ll enjoy hot water from the moment you turn on the hot water faucet. You’ll also save up to 16,000 gallons of water each year and use less energy than it takes to run a 25-watt light bulb…to say nothing of the tremendous ecological benefit that goes along with it.

A re-circulating pump that attaches directly to your heater. Requires no additional wiring or electrical expense. The pump keeps the water in your pipes moving, resulting in a constant availability of hot water without the wait or the waste! Turn the shower on and get hot water.

Add comfort and conserve water - save $50. Why waste your water and time? Call you for a convenient appointment. Mention PDM web site special and get $50 off your new hot water system. Add a new water heater and save more. Stop postponing. You’ll love the convenience.

Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.


Plagued by low water pressure?

You may need a small pressure boost to provide reliable, constant water pressure for homes and businesses. EZ Boost Pump offers:

  • Maintenance free
  • Dry running protection
  • High efficiency pmp and motor
  • Excellent wear resistence
  • Soft starter prevents water hammer in pipes and pump stress
  • Overload protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Variable speed

Constant pressure means you'll get the pressure you need when you turn on the tap, even while running multiple fixtures.

Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.


Commercial Pumps Built to Last.

You name it PDM can help. With some of the best plumbers in the area, PDM can handle any drainage, condensate, liquid transfer and industrial process pumps you require.

Let our experienced licensed plumbers repair or recommend a pump to meet your needs.

Booster pumps

Commercial pumps - a few we offer:

  • Sump pump, verticle or submersible - light, medium or heavy duty
  • Sewage ejector pump - strong, reliable equipment
  • Self priming pump
  • Booster system - PDM installed booster pumps for a 600 bed hospital where we shut down the entire hospital water system
  • Boiler feed and condensate pump
  • In-line pumps
  • High pressure pump
  • Custom package pump

Call Best for fast, dependable help at 815-207-4111.

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